Jan. 29th, 2012

You're not a bad person Clint
Today feels like a CLEAN ALL THE THINGS day, but we shall see how far I get with that.

Sadly I just kind of want to take a shower, then clean all the shit up off my floor so I can master Wii archery.

I don't really have high goals.
You're not a bad person Clint
I ended up seeing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Saturday and I honestly think it might have changed my life.

You're not a bad person Clint
I have been tearing through Marvel movies hardcore - in the last two weeks I have watched X-Men: First Class, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and now I am on Iron Man 2.

The upside is that I am loving it.

The downside other side is that I now want to be a lady!Tony Stark when I grow up.
A little faerie-queen ♥
I cannot WAIT for Jill's wedding.....largely because I will get to wear the dress that I bought today.

Jul. 31st, 2011

You're not a bad person Clint
Autumn says
So I took my (strapless) bra off at a gas station
and for some reason I thought "I bet Jaymee would be proud of me."

Jaymee says
you were right


Saw Spiderman with Jordan again (because we got comp tickets because of the wire fail last time). We ended up with alternate!Spidey after all, which was neat. We also had understudy!Arachne and Emily Osbourne and they were kind of fail. Emily less so than Arachne, but no one's voice can be as fucking awesome as T.V.'s, so.

And I will miss the train ride in.

You're not a bad person Clint
So I saw Harry Potter. I have to say, it's probably for the best that I haven't read DH since it came out (I think), because that gave me the right amount of knowledge to be able to follow the plot pretty easily without scrutinizing it super harshly. Some of my absolute favorite bits weren't in there like this oneCollapse ) and some of them weren't handled all that well because REALLY.Collapse ) Also, wtf completely superfluousCollapse ) why were you there? HBC was under-used, but holy crap is her acting on pointCollapse )

And whoever wrote that bit in that was pretty much fuck that endingCollapse ), I APPROVE.

My favorite moment had to be when McGonagall was acting like her BFF Molly Weasley had just told her about a dress with the bodice all in lace and a satin bow in back, though.

You're not a bad person Clint
...so why is Babe Chandler in my Torchwood?

Honestly though, I'm not really hooked. I don't know what it is, but Eve looks totally not Gwen-like at all.

Also, I'm just going to call it now.Collapse )

And also she steals Gwen's baby, for the nostalgia factor.

....okay, you kind of won me over a little there, Captain JackCollapse )


You're not a bad person Clint
It is truly a commentary on my life when the best thing that might have happened today was trying to picture Annaleigh Ashford as Maureen Johnson and being exceptionally quietly pleased for Matt Shingledecker.

Trufax trivia: I have never seen Rent all the way through, either via stage (so never), screen, or bootleg.

I also keep thinking that today should be Friday. Sadly, my sense of timing is way off.


You're not a bad person Clint
That first step was the hardest

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